What is a Book Trailer?

A book trailer is a short video posted online or played as part of an author talk designed to help authors sell their work. A trailer can work effectively with still pictures and text from the book. It can show the author talking – or not. A trailer can also include video, voice narration, music, and animation. Ideally a book trailer, like a movie trailer, should run :30 to 2 minutes though longer can work. Always, a trailer should give out enough information to entice readers to buy your book and spread the word about it.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a digital version of your print book that readers download from your website and view in their browser or download from Amazon or other online booksellers and view in a reader such as the popular iBook or Kindle Fire. A basic eBook duplicates your print book and contains text and perhaps static pictures and graphics. An enhanced eBook adds links, video, audio, graphics, drawings, charts, documents, and/or animation. An eBook enlarges the market for your book.

Our Mission

With over 75 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, we formed PictureYourBook to create enjoyable, effective, reasonably priced trailers and eBooks to help authors promote and circulate their books at a affordable price. Creating video book trailers and eBooks combines three of our passions – writing, web design and filmmaking. From our editing and ePub tools to our time proven narrative techniques, we are always on the cutting edge of storytelling and design.

Our Process

Creating Your Book Trailer

How do you make a video book trailer? From script to completed trailer, learn the four basic steps - Plan, Storyboard, Edit, Deliver –on our Making a Book Trailer page. For a free consultation on how we can help create your next video book trailer, go to Contact and send us your requirements. We'll deliver your completed video book trailer in the format required for posting to your website, your Vimeo channel or YouTube Channel, your blog, your newsletter...Learn more.

Creating Your eBook

How do you take a manuscript and turn it into an eBook or an enhanced eBook? Learn the basic steps - from Prep to Publication – on our Making an eBook page. For a free consultation on how we can help create your next eBook, go to Contact and send us your requirements. We'll upload your completed eBook in the required format(s) to booksellers or websites – yours or your publisher’s - or wherever you need it to go...Learn more.

Featured Trailers

With original music, the trailer for Chronicles of Old San Francisco reveals its historical tales and walking tours. The trailer for Cut by Cut takes you into the world of filmmaking, exposing the art of film editing.

Featured eBooks

Our eBook sample, Two Hearts Four Hands serves up a delicious demo of what an eCookbook – or any type of enhanced eBook – can be using videos, links, navigation, a chart, and more.