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These PictureYourBook projects demonstrate what a video trailer can do for your book and what an enhanced eBook might look like.

The Reporter Who Knew Too Much Book Trailer

This “hot off the press” trailer with its original music, significant sound effect and voiceover narration exposes readers to the life of reporter Dorothy Kilgallen and lawyer-writer-ESPN commentator Mark Shaw’s well-researched book which examines her mysterious death, concluding she was murdered and naming suspects.

The Reporter Who Knew Too Much Book Promo

In 30 seconds this dynamic promo dramatizes the essence of lawyer Mark Shaw’s book The Reporter Who Knew Too Much.

Chronicles of Old San Francisco Book Trailer

With original music, photos and illustrations from the book, this charming trailer for Chronicles of Old San Francisco: Exploring the Historic City by the Bay clearly tells what this book of historical tales and walking tours is all about.

Cut by Cut: Editing Your FIlm or Video Book Trailer

Machines don’t make edits. Editors make edits. This dynamic trailer for Cut by Cut: Editing You Film or Video shows the myriad of steps and decisions that editors make each day to complete projects from commercials to feature films.

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This PictureYourBook eBook project shows how an enhanced eBook can bring your static book to life!
2Hearts-4Hands e-Cookbook Sample Chapter

2 Hearts - 4 Hands e-Cookbook Sample Chapters Chef Sulin Bell’s Two Hands - Four Hearts is outstanding not only for its recipes but also for its unique approach: Each recipe is designed to be cooked by two people: couples, friends, relatives, even co-workers. Our sample uses video and interactivity to bring preparation, recipe instructions, and the enjoyment of cooking to a new level.

This enhanced eBook is contained in an Epub file that you will download to your device and then view with an eBook reading device or using eBook reading software.

If you are a Mac or iPad user, you already have the software to view this sample eBook using the iBook application.

For those of you who are new to eBooks, the following instructions are designed to get you up and running with minimal effort:

  1. Click here to download and un-zip the sample eBook chapter.
  2. Open the sample chapter in iBook if you are an iPad or Mac user (you are done).
  3. If you don't use iBook, click here to install the Chrome browser extension Readium.
  4. Open the sample chapter by first launching your Chrome browser and then enter the URL chrome://apps/ to open Readium.

Next, see how our 4-step process works to create and deliver a high quality enhanced eBook!